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If you're here in this section of my site, you are probably someone who is looking for piano lessons for their child(ren), family member, or themselves. I offer piano lessons, low brass and ukulele music lessons, and music theory and history classes. 

Piano Teacher and Piano Lessons

The Piano Teacher


Ever since I touched my first piano at the age of 3, I have had a fascination for learning different instruments and genres of music. It has been my goal to share my love of music and to inspire my students to have the same passion. I first started offering music lessons when I was 15 years old and I am always looking for new ways to make learning music fun. I am currently offering music lessons in Mississauga and Toronto and I'm experienced with preparing students for Arts Secondary School and Post-secondary school auditions, as well as for Royal Conservatory of Music practical and theory examinations.

During the course of the pandemic, I started offering music lessons online, and I am continuing to offer virtual music lessons for all students.

Piano Lessons 

As a multi-instrumentalist, I have found it much easier to learn other instruments after developing the skills and understanding of how to play the piano. By learning the piano, students strengthen their hand muscles and dexterity, increases their hand-eye coordination, refines cognitive and intellectual abilities, sharpens concentration skills through the use of split concentration, improves reading comprehension, reduces stress, exercises new language skills, and allows for kinaesthetic and tactile learning. 


For anyone looking for music lessons and does not know where to start, I would highly suggest starting with piano.

For beginner piano lessons, I use piano method books such as, the Alfred Basic Piano books, Bastien Piano Basics, and Faber Piano Adventures. I like making music lessons enjoyable by implementing music theory games and activities. Students have fun without realizing they are even learning music! I offer both private piano lessons and group music classes for beginner piano students.


Once we have progressed through any of the method series, I suggest taking piano lessons to the next level by following the Royal Conservatory of Music program. By completing each level, this gives students the opportunity to further develop their ability to learn and play music independently and develop an appreciation for making music. Studying music from the RCM will also allow students to participate in music festivals, earn high school credits, and even earn scholarships!

Transfer students are also welcomed!

Music Teacher and Music Lessons

Music Lessons music teacher ( talk about your method, the curriculum, the instruments you teach.. explain the difference between each, the book you might you use, the structure of a lesson, the process, the exams, how you help prepare, number of students, the age of your students, your exam % of success, how you give your classes and why ( virtually in person )

Piano Lessons in Mississauga

Jessica offers lessons for students of all ages and skill levels.

She is experienced with using Alfred, Bastien, and Faber Piano method books for beginner piano lessons. As students progress through these series, she highly encourages them to study repertoire from the Royal Conservatory of Music. Jessica specializes in preparing students for Royal Conservatory of Music examinations and arts secondary and post-secondary education auditions. For more information, click here.

Trombone Lessons in Mississauga
Ukulele lessons in Mississauga
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